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Chronic Neck Stiffness or Pain?

Apr 19, 2023
Chronic neck pain and neck stiffness female of Iowa Chiropractic Clinic & Sports Injuries in Ankeny, Grimes, Altoona, Iowa
Then you may be suffering from the functional impairments identified in chronic neck pain patients.

Do you have a chronically STIFF neck? Does the stiffness lead to or accompany headaches, pain in the shoulder or neck, upper back tightness with possible pain between the shoulder blades, maybe unusual pain in your arms, or potentially difficulty focusing your eyes and general balance issues? Then you may be suffering from the functional impairments identified in chronic neck pain patients. While it is easy to feel your restricted and tender spinal joint segments, they do NOT move particularly well with a typical chiropractic adjustment. Furthermore, the response to adjustments can be unsatisfying, short-lived, or even irritating for you. To assess and manage a chronic neck pain case, it is vital to appreciate the larger dimensions of chronic neck pain, in general, more skillfully. We must also consider the specific implications of your body type. Firstly, we know that the challenge of chronic neck pain extends far beyond restricted joints and painful mechanical tissues in the cervical spine. While these are the most visible components of the condition, as the saying goes, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, science is beginning to reveal the larger central dimensions of chronic spinal pain. Could you tell me what you've been told previously? Have you had an MRI or x-rays showing degenerative changes in several discs, and were you told that these are a significant cause of your pain? This may have led to a belief that you will always have pain and that your neck is weak and ‘damaged.’  A modern neuroscience approach to managing chronic neck pain is essential for the results you need to feel better. 

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